How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

by Niamh on January 1, 1970

A dining table is the heart of a home. It is a place where you and your family enjoy lazy breakfasts, leisurely lunches and delicious dinners together. It is a place where you share stories and laughter, a place where homework is done and newspapers are read, it is the centrepiece of your home. At Rathwood we know how important it is to choose the perfect dining table for your home. We have put together some tips to help you along the way while you choose your dining table.

First, you need to answer these questions: How many are in your family? Do you entertain guests? How large is your dining room or kitchen? These will help you get into the right frame of mind when selecting a table. The size is very important and is the first thing you should decide on.

It is important to avoid a cramped dining space so allow approximately 110cm-120cm between the wall and your new dining table. This allows for chair space and will allow for a comfortable flow of foot traffic around the table too. If there are already furniture pieces in the room the table should be 110cm-120cm away from them. 

As a general rule of thumb, choose a dining table with a width of at least 100cm. This will allow ample room on the table top for plates & cutlery and will allow each guest to have adequate space for themselves.

If it is a case that you have 4 or 5 at the table every day and might often entertain friends at the weekend or extended family at Christmas or Easter time, maybe consider an extendable table. They are neat and compact when fully closed but when extended allow for much more space for serving dishes etc and will allow for extra seating space if needed depending on the size and shape of the table. We have a fantastic selection of extendable rectangular and oval tables.

There are various shapes that you can choose from. Here at Rathwood, we have a fantastic selection of rectangular, circular and oval tables. A rectangular table is the traditional favourite and will highlight the room with its clean defined lines. A rectangular table will work well in long narrow rooms or in larger dining areas, you are sure to find a rectangular dining table to suit your home and decor. A round table allows for a much more intimate meal time as everyone is brought closer together. You will need a wide space for a round table however so ensure that you have all your measurements before you go shopping! An oval table is ideal in most dining room spaces and its curved edges allow for extra seating if needed. Our Fitzwilliam and Kingston Oval extending table is perfect for every day meal times or Christmas Dinner. The option to use one or two extensions allows for ample table top space and will seat 8 very comfortably too. 

We recommend you use cardboard and cut out the size and shape of your desired table and place it in your preferred space in the room. This is the best indication for you to see whether or not the size and shape will suit the desired area. 

Decide on a style that best complements your décor and existing furniture. The dining table will pull the room together so this is a very important step in the decision making progress. At Rathwood, we have catered for all homes and have designed our Kingston and Fitzwilliam ranges to suit your needs. The Kingston range with its smooth finish creates a modern feel in your home while the rustic finish on the Fitzwilliam range will accentuate a farmhouse feel to your home. Our CH range of dining tables portray a unique image in your home and will suit a more acquired taste in interior furniture.

We have a selection of farmhouse, dining, round and oval tables, extendable and non-extendable. We have shown great attention to detail in our designs to ensure you find the perfect centrepiece for your kitchen or dining room. A dining table is an investment and is a decision that cannot be made in a day. Take great care in your decision as this piece of furniture will be the heart of your home and where everyone will get together!