How to make the most of your outdoor space

How to make the most of your outdoor space

by Chisom Onwukwe on May 2, 2021

Being outside and enjoying nature is proven to be great for your physical and mental well being. An outdoor space provides a lot of people with a space to detach from the busyness of life as well as providing a welcoming and cosy environment.


Low Maintenance

People have enjoyed their time at home recently and have been able to give the garden full attention but as we slowly return back to normality, it would be best to have a garden that does not require a lot of upkeep. The best way to have a low maintenance garden is to have a varied balance of plants.  


Grow your own

Growing your own vegetables can be a fulfilling and fun experience. It is best to start of with crops that do not take long to harvest and do not suffer from a lot of diseases. It is important to purchase the correct gardening tools and compost for your crop. Crops that you can plant as a beginner include potatoes, beetroots and peas.



Finishing touches

Firepits and garden furniture are must haves for the finishing touches in an outdoor space. The inclusion of a firepit to your outdoor space gives it a cosy and focal vibe which provides the space with a sense of togetherness. Choosing the right set of garden furniture for your space can also make or break the aesthetic of your space. At Rathwood, we have various stylish firepit and dining sets to jazz up your outdoor space.