Candles for the cosy season

Candles for the cosy season

by Chisom Onwukwe on November 12, 2021


Candles are more than a scented decoration item in a home. They are versatile as they are used to beautify the home, symbolise celebrations, soothe senses and let out gorgeous fragrances. The scents that a candle release can remind people of a certain person, place or time in their life and this is one of the reasons why they are so special. Candles also provide various health benefits such as :

  • Improving mental health through controlling the scents in our environment
  • Creating a calming aura as people use candles to meditate, baths or date nights.
  • Mood improvement as they can reduce stress and activate certain hormones in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin which are known to promote a positive mood.
  • Candles can also prompt memories in the brain as our scent, emotions and memory are connected.


We have put together a list of a few candles which best represent the autumnal season.


Luxury Scented Candle Classic Cedarwood

This aromatic wood scent is honoured by many cultures and civilisation and is used as spiritual and mystical essence. This scents soothes the souls as it releases earthy tones and helps reduce anxiety. A scent that is usually paired with Cedarwood is sandalwood as it also gives a warm and smooth scent which works well with the calming effect of the cedarwood.


RM Fabulous Fig Scented Candle

This scent is slightly fruity and has cedar and peony. This scent is fresh and woody which makes it quite a popular autumnal scent. It is vibrant as well as aromatic and would be best suited to the living area. It is also an excellent gift for new home owners.


RM Patchouli Pepper Scented Candle

This scent is well known for its health benefits. Patchouli scent is woody, sweet and spicy. Patchouli oil is also used to relieve depression, provide feelings of relaxation and treating skin conditions among many other uses. The bold and earthy scent of this candle is what makes it so popular. The strong sweet smell of this candle helps people relax and unwind after a stressful day.


RM Bergamot Bliss Scented Candle

This scent presents spicy hints with bursts of citrus and is a well known scent. It is also known for its healing and holistic qualities. It was originally discovered in Asia but is cultivated in Italy and is used globally. It is used for a range of things from digestion, healing and aromatherapy. This candle will always bring fresh and floral fragrances to any environment.