Build your own beer garden

Build your own beer garden

by Chisom Onwukwe on July 21, 2020

Booking a table in a pub for food and drinks might just be one of the most stressful things that has come into effect in recent years. We have come up with various ways to avoid this by creating your own beer garden.


Create your own bar

A basic garden shed can be transformed to an ultimate cocktail bar within a matter of days. This can be done by including funky outdoor pieces to your outdoor space such as outdoor chairs, bar stools, dining sets etc. Selecting the right pieces for your outdoor space can add a certain vibe to your beer garden. Some people would prefer a modern look while others may like a tropical or rustic look.



Pump up the atmosphere

Your beer garden can be beautified using different styles of lighting and various ornaments such as lanterns or plants depending on the style you choose for your space. Speakers can also be added to your outdoor space which would be a special touch to this space. Party signs and photographs can also be added to include a personal touch to your garden. Adding in colourful cushions to your outdoor bar or painting it bright colours would give it a vibrant and welcoming feel. This welcoming feeling can also be achieved by including an firepit to your beer garden as it is a focal point in most outdoor spaces.


Make it private

A parasol, large outdoor plants or trees can be used to shelter your beer garden from prying eyes. These provide you with comfort in your garden as well as creating privacy between your home and your neighbours.


Last but not least food

No outdoor space is complete without food or a small bite to entertain. Everyone loves pizza and there is no better item to have in your outdoor garden than the Ooni pizza oven.

This oven cooks pizza quickly which is exactly what you need when you are entertaining outdoor.