Kids Corner

Soup of the Day                                                                €3.00

Junior-size bowl of Soup of the Day, 

served with homemade Soda Bread or Bread Roll 



Pasta of the Day                                                                €5.95

served plain or smothered in Bolognese Sauce


Mains                                                                                  €8.70

Half portions of Mam and Dads main course



Chicken Nuggets                                                               €5.95

served with Chunky Fries 


Bangers                                                                               €5.95 

served with Chunky Fries


Kids Meal Deal                                                                    €8.50

Choose one kids meal from the above menu (excluding 1/2 main course)

One kid's Juice Box, Smoothie or Water &

One Chocolate Garden Lollypop OR Homemade M&M Cookie