Ways to spend your June banker

Ways to spend your June banker

by Chisom Onwukwe on June 1, 2022

The weather is meant to be mild and pleasant as June is seen as the start of summer. People tend to go to concerts, go on walks, go on short breaks, have picnics and even BBQ’s in June. It is usually the first Monday in June and became a national holiday in 1974.


Organise a BBQ

Get the grill out and organise a BBQ party with friends and family. Prepare and cook your food for the good weather and make the most out of your outdoor furniture. At Rathwood, we have a range of BBQ’s and grills that you can use as well as small dining sets if you are not hosting a huge amount of people.


Attend an event

At Rathwood, we have various events for everyone such as the Big top concert, Country fest, Peppa pig carnival and Dirt birds . If you would like to book in for these events, please click the link below:



Go on a walk

We also have our woodlands walk which is 170 acres of woodlands which you can bring your family out to do during the good weather. There are three different routes which are 2.5km, 5km and 10km. You can also see interesting fauna and flora on your walk such as deer, ducks, etc.