How to choose the perfect Garden Furniture in Ireland?

How to choose the perfect Garden Furniture in Ireland?

by thomas keogh on July 3, 2018

Choosing the perfect garden furniture for your outdoor space is key to enhancing the look and feel of your garden. Get this right, and you can create a versatile space that’s enjoyable to use, stylish and practical.


Our very own outside space is precious – it’s your private safe haven, and it’s well worth putting a little extra work into making it your own.  As Ireland’s leading outdoor furniture store, we make finding the perfect outside furniture easy. Read on to discover how to choose the ideal furniture, and transform your garden for the season ahead…



Space and Style


Thinking about the space you have available and the style you want to achieve is a great start when it comes to choosing the right garden furniture.


First determine how much space you might like to dedicate to seating and where you might like your seating to go. If possible, choose a sunny and sheltered spot in the garden, or transform an otherwise disused corner to make the most of your space.


Now that you have chosen your space, think about where you might like to place your furniture. If you opt for a single outdoor sofa or bench, it’s nice to face out into the garden. If you choose a table and chairs set with seating on all sides, when you measure up ensure you include enough space to move freely around the furniture for optimum versatility and comfort.



Weight and Quality


Whether you go for a rattan or cast aluminium set, the weight and quality is key to both. It’s important to consider the interchangeable weather conditions, and bear in mind that your outdoor furniture will be caught in rain storms, strong wind and possibly even snow at points.


This is where both weight and quality come into play – when you’ve spent time carefully selecting your furniture and money, you want to be sure your garden furniture will last for years to come.


If you’ve decided to go for rattan furniture, generally rattan is very durable and will last in all sorts of weather conditions. Something to look for when it comes to selecting quality rattan furniture is the thickness of the tube – the thicker the tube is, the stronger and higher quality the furniture will be.


For cast aluminium it’s important to look at whether the furniture is fully cast or knockdown. If you’re looking for a cast aluminium set that will last for a long time, look at fully cast options over knockdown.


The weight to both rattan and cast aluminium sets is closely linked to the quality. Understanding that a good quality set will have some weight behind it will help you find garde furniture that will last for years to come. It will also ensure that in high winds your furniture will not be lifted up and blown around, ensuring no damage is caused to your furniture or your home.


At Rathwood, our focus is on providing quality and stylish garden furniture in Ireland, in a range of styles and sizes. We ensure you’re able to make the most out of your outside space, to create a stylish and functional garden that you’re able to enjoy to the max.