Best indoor plants for gifting

Best indoor plants for gifting

by Chisom Onwukwe on June 4, 2021

It takes a lot of thinking and care to find the perfect gift for someone. Plants are good for your physical and mental health so by gifting someone a plant it shows that you really care for them. The reasons to gift plants are because they are one of the most sustainable gifts that can be given, they are good for your health and are a unique gift idea.


Some of the best plants to gift include: 

Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant is a staple as it always grows new plants, it is commonly referred to as ‘the plant of immortality’ by the Egyptians. They are also very easy to care for and do not need to be watered often. Aloe vera plant also has healing qualities as it has been used in ancient times to soften skin, treat acne, dandruff and minor burns among other conditions. Aloe vera gel is also taken to help lower blood sugar level in people that suffer with diabetes.


Peace lily

The peace lily is a perfect plant to gift as it represents rebirth, purity and tranquillity.

Giving this plant as a gift means that you wish this person peace, new beginnings and support. It is also given to people who are in need of consolation. This plant is an air purifying plant as it has the ability to remove harmful toxins from the air in a home. The peace lily also does not require a lot of care, grows well indoors are outdoors just as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight.  


Chinese Money plant

These plants signify wealth and good fortune and gifting this to someone is a good sign as it means that you are wishing them success, good luck and happiness in the next chapter of their life. It is a good gift for people who are starting a new job, business or even moving away to start a new journey.


All these wonderful plants can be bought on glasplants and are an amazing gift for a loved one, partner or a dear friend.