Harry Potter's Birthday

July 30th & 31st, 2019 

It's Harry Potter's birthday and we are throwing him a party!!!

It's a celebration that everyone can join. It'll be fun for all the family. Join the gang from Hogwarts and join in on the different crafts, games and adventures they have in store. 

A celebration not to be missed. 

Muggles are welcome!!! 

What's included on the day?

  • Meet and greet, Harry, Hermonie, Ron and Dumbledore. Have a chance to spend some time with Harry on his birthday and head out on a mission with him on the Rathwood Express. Meet Hermonie and Ron along the way. Dumbledore has the sorting hat ready for you to try on and you can see which Hogwarts house you belong too. 
  • The Rathwood express will bring you deep into the enchanted forrest, watch out for all the muggles, wizards and numerous creatures raoming around. 
  • Compete for a Family pass to Fossetts Circus in Rathwood in our Harry Potter colouring competition. 
  • Each Child will recieve a pair of Harry Potter Wand on arrival 
  • Dressing up as your favourite Character is encouraged but not neccessary. 
  • Free Ice Cream in Rathwoods Merry Tree  Restuarant





Any Questions?

  Message us on Whatsapp with any of your questions to  +353871631985

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