Garden furniture Special

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  • Lyon 6 seater round set

    Lyon 6 Seater Round Set

    Was: €1,769.00
    inc VAT

  • Emily square garden set

    Emily Square Garden set

    Was: €1,169.00
    inc VAT

  • Chester_cube_set

    Chester Cube Set

    Was: €1,530.00
    inc VAT

  • Fitzhenry 4 seater dark set

    Fitzhenry 4 Seater Dark Set

    Was: €1,290.00
    inc VAT

  • Fitzhenry 6 seater garden set

    Fitzhenry 6 Seater Garden Set

    Was: €1,819.00
    inc VAT



Help Cinderella find her shoe in time for the tea party at Rathwood. Together with Cinderella, visitors will hop aboard the Rathwood Express down to the woodland where they will meet the Fairy Godmother and feed her geese. During the slipper decorating workshop each child will be able to design their own slipper to bring home.


Teddy Bears Picnic this Summer 2017

Its Back by popular demand, Rathwood's Teddy Bears Picnic

Our top oak Dining table picks

Solid Oak Tables

  • Fitzwilliam farmhouse 7ft table

    Fitzwilliam Farmhouse 7ft Table

    Was: €1,235.00
    inc VAT

  • Kingston oak 1 5m round table

    Kingston Oak 1.5m Round Table

    Was: €1,039.00
    inc VAT

  • Fitzwilliam 6ft oak extending dining table

    Fitzwilliam 6ft Oak Extending Dining Table

    Was: €1,105.00
    inc VAT

  • Fitzwilliam oak 1 7m round table

    Fitzwilliam Oak 1.7m Round Table

    Was: €1,299.00
    inc VAT

  • Fitzwilliam oak 1 2m round table

    Fitzwilliam Oak 1.2m Round Table

    Was: €779.00
    inc VAT